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Financial Consultation


A Passion for Ethical Accounting

At Burkin's Tax & Accounting, we provide a comprehensive range of accounting services for companies across Broome County – from general bookkeeping and tax returns to financial forecasting. As an independent accountancy firm, we take pride in ensuring all our clients receive the same dedicated service with rigorous attention to detail. We’re dedicated to timely, effective accounts management because we want your business to grow and thrive.

Contact us at (607) 232-0030 to discuss your needs and how we can help.


Creativity. Collaboration. Attention to Detail.

Our team of CPAs and EAs are highly certified and dedicated to their work, and we offer a wide range of accounting services, including tax returns and payroll. As a stand-alone company, we rely on our stellar reputation and provide the same devoted service to every client. We also recognize that not all accounting services are related to money. We can provide delicate and tactful assistance with probate and estate administration.

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